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The Florida Supreme Court rules that the Florida Civil Rights Act prohibits pregnancy discrimination

Read the full opinion here:

On April 17, 2014, the Florida Supreme Court ruled that the Florida Civil Rights Act prohibits pregnancy discrimination.

Attorney Travis R. Hollifield STANDS UP for the rights of pregnant women at the Florida Supreme Court.

On November 7, 2013, Travis R. Hollifield appeared in front of the Florida Supreme Court in the case of Peguy Delva v. The Continental Group, Inc., Case Number SC12-2315.

Orlando Employment Law Attorney Travis R. Hollifield recently brought the case of Peguy Delva to the Florida Supreme Court. Peguy, a working mother, experienced discrimination in the workplace during and after her pregnancy. When she attempted to stand up for her rights, she found that the Florida Civil Rights Act did not cover pregnancy under “Sex Discrimination,” and so her case was dismissed. She has taken her fight to be heard to the Florida Supreme Court, with the help of Attorney Travis Hollifield and Florida NELA. Peguy and Travis are fighting for the rights of all Florida women to continue working while pregnant and to return to their jobs after the birth of a child. Their efforts are important not only to women, but to working families throughout Florida.


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