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Sexual Harassment

In many workplaces, sexual harassment has shifted from blatant to more subtle forms. Unfortunately, it is still pervasive in workplaces nationwide. Many women who suffer in hostile work environments feel intimidated and are unwilling to object to an offensive co-worker or management. If you are suffering from sexual harassment in the workplace, you deserve the opportunity to come forward and protect your rights. At Hollifield Legal Centre, we are dedicated to protecting the rights of women who have suffered sexual harassment in the workplace.

Contact sexual harassment attorney Travis R. Hollifield today to learn more about your rights, options, and potential remedies.

You are not alone. You have the right to come forward. We will provide you with advocacy you can trust to champion your rights in a hostile work environment.

Sexual harassment law comprises several forms of workplace harassment including:

Quid pro quo: Sexual harassment that involves a request for sexual favors that will be repaid or acknowledged by something given in return such as continued employment, a promotion, an increase in pay or benefits, or something else of value.

Hostile Work Environment: The severe or pervasive use of unwelcome and offensive language or physical touching that a reasonable person would find to be objectionable.

Our primary attorney, Travis R. Hollifield, founded the HLC to encourage and support working women who suffer from sexual harassment and discrimination by protecting their rights and dignity. If you have been a victim of sexual harassment, you need the support and legal advocacy of experienced professionals dedicated to the rights of working women. We offer a comfortable atmosphere where you can trust that your rights will be secured.

Sexual harassment that is severe or pervasive deserves immediate attention. Women who have been victimized deserve a voice. We can provide you with the advocacy you need to successfully defend yourself against harassment.

In any sexual harassment situation, including touching, unwelcome advances, or an otherwise hostile environment, you need to take action against offenders. We can help you protect your rights.

Hollifield Legal Centre can assist you in:

  • Effectively documenting the harassment

  • Taking appropriate action through your employer

  • Defending your rights and pursuing compensation where appropriate

Contact Hollifield Legal Centre today for more information about asserting your rights. The HLC is dedicated to serving working women throughout Central Florida.

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