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Travis R. Hollifield
Central Florida
Employment Law

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Employment Law

Hollifield Legal Centre exists to help Orlando and Central Florida working women with employment law issues such as:

Sexual Harassment
Pregnancy Discrimination
Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA)
Review of proposed Severance Agreements
Unpaid Overtime

Employment law is a broad and complex network of state and federal laws and regulations which are impacted by case law, all of which regulates how employers must treat their prospective, current, and former employees. Hollifield Legal Centre is committed to championing the rights of working women through litigation and, where appropriate, negotiated settlements. With our experience and dedication to clients, we have established a reputation for successfully litigating many different types of employment law matters that specifically impact women.

At Hollifield Legal Centre, we exist solely to serve the needs of working women facing employment law difficulties. We offer employment legal services related to the following matters:

Sexual Harassment: If you have suffered any form of harassment including quid pro quo harassment or a hostile work environment, you need legal protection. We can advise you of your rights and potential claims, provide guidance on how to document your experience, and represent you in any action you may wish to take.

Pregnancy Discrimination: Pregnancy discrimination is a form of gender discrimination. Many women who become pregnant or who have children are discriminated against in the form of denial of benefits and other adverse actions. We can advocate for you where there are issues concerning pregnancy discrimination related to maternity leave, workplace lactation issues, unequal pay, or the denial of other benefits.

Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA): FMLA protects the rights of individuals with medical problems or family medical needs to take leave time from work and then be reinstated to their jobs. If you have suffered retaliation or interference with your rights under FMLA, our firm can assert your federally protected rights, including leave and job reinstatement entitlements, against your employer.

Retaliation: Retaliation can affect working women who object to harassment, discrimination, and other illegal activity. If you suffered any reasonably material employment related loss as a result of retaliation, we can help you recover such losses against your employer.

Review of Proposed Severance Agreements: Many severance agreements contain complex language regarding working women’s rights and obligations. We can advise you on whether to sign such agreements or negotiate an alternative.

Unpaid Overtime Wages: Often, employees discover that they have not been paid all overtime wages to which they are entitled. This results in potential unpaid overtime claims. Our firm can review your situation to determine your rights and options in an unpaid overtime case.

If you feel that you have been discriminated against or treated unfairly in the workplace, do not hesitate to contact Hollifield Legal Centre. We can provide you with the employment law services necessary to protect you against discrimination and retaliation by your employer, including information support and legal advocacy. Many women whose rights have been violated fail to come forward. With our guidance and protection, you can be confident that your rights and options will be fully explained to you and championed on your behalf.

There are a number of reasons why women suffer in silence and decide not to come forward. We urge you to feel safe knowing you will be protected.

Do not fear retaliation: We know how to protect your rights and how to pursue additional claims in the event that your employer does retaliate for any objection to improper workplace conduct.

Your privacy will be protected: Many women fear that their privacy will not be protected while confronting issues of a sexual and intimate nature. We will ensure that your case is handled as discreetly as possible under the circumstances.

You are doing the right thing by coming forward: Many women fear that their personal relationships will suffer if they stand up for themselves. Whether they are concerned about a spouse, their immediate family, or co-workers, women may be discouraged by the prospect of altering these relationships by disclosing what happened. You deserve the opportunity to come forward if you have suffered harassment or discrimination. Our employment lawyer will help you to tell your story and protect your rights.

Contact Hollifield Legal Centre today for more information about our employment law services. The HLC is dedicated to serving women throughout Central Florida.

Call or contact us today at (407) 599-9590.

Our Primary Attorney,
Travis R. Hollifield

Hollifield Legal Centre is a private law firm focusing on women's workplace legal needs. "Our vision is to champion the legal, social and economic rights of women by providing representation in all Florida state and federal courts of law," says founder Travis Hollifield.

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Hollifield Legal Centre represents individuals and businesses in the Orlando and Central Florida areas facing litigation involving all of the following:


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Contact Hollifield Legal Centre today for more information about your rights. The HLC is dedicated to serving working women throughout Orlando and Central Florida.

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